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We contribute to the success of our clients

by finding great people to help them achieve their organization's goals and objectives.

Finding talent to fit your culture and organization is no easy task. Measuring skills and vetting candidates takes time, energy and resources. With over three decades of experience working with top talent in the cannabis industry, we have developed a network of resources second to none.

GreenSea Group delivers more than just great resumes. Our candidates are the most highly sought-after applicants in the cannabis industry. Our vetting process is designed to evaluate both the technical and soft skills a candidate brings to the opportunity, while also aligning the skills and personality with company goals and culture. We know what skills, behaviors and characteristics contribute to a top candidate’s successful placement. Our vetting process is thorough, and from first contact through placement and at each step in between.

For businesses serious about bringing in revenue and establishing their brand GreenSea can provide serious talent. Whether you’re seeking a:

Or any other position you may require for your cannabis company. GreenSea Group maintains a solid pool of talented individuals.

It feels different to work with us.


Employer Seeking

We understand the pressure you’re under to find leaders who fit in with your organization and make it stand out. GreenSea Group offers the most validated search approach, deep knowledge of the cannabis industry, and best industry connections. So you can make the best possible decision for the long term, the first time.

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Seeking Employment?

GreenSeas dedicated team will uncover opportunities in the cannabis and hemp industries that no one else knows exist and can guide you in reaching your career goals – sooner rather than later. It’s your turn now. Let’s get started.