Meet our Team


NOAH persin

Chief Strategist and Analyst

Noah has donned many hats in the cannabis industry over the past 30 years; from grower, distributor and data collector to consultant and recognized industry expert. Noah has also owned businesses in electronics manufacturing, import export and construction contracting.

Senior partner and co-founder of The Eris Group LLC (dba GreenSea Distribution) - A OLCC licensed wholesale cannabis distribution company. GreenSea Distribution one of if not the largest recreational cannabis wholesale distributor in Oregon and the only statewide wholesale distributor in Oregon.

Senior partner and co-founder of GreenSea Group (GSG) LLC- A consulting, marketing, staffing and durables company in the cannabis industry.

Founder and sole owner of Emerald Trade Alliance (ETA) LLC- Founded four years ago, the ETA has made a name for itself as the first all inclusive cannabis business advocacy groups in Oregon. The ETA primarily focuses on industry networking, cannabis & hemp business advocacy, business training and education. The ETA is commonly referred to as a cross between a business incubator and the Rotary Club.


JON russell

Chief of Product Research & Junior Analyst

Jon Russell is a well known and nationally renowned cannabis advocate and cannabis event judge. Jon hosts a nationally known cannabis review site and recently launched a new digital magazine on the cannabis landscape . While with GreenSea Group, Jon and Noah regularly team up to author and publish articles on the cannabis industry as well as conduct surveys within the cannabis and hemp industries; with some of these articles being picked up by High Times Magazine, Vegas Cannabis Magazine and The Northwest Leaf. Jon is also a price analyst and Director of Communications for The Eris Group and a  METRC seed-to-sale tracking system specialist.

Founder and owner of PNW CannaReviews - Pacific Northwest based product testing and review website and video blog. Provides unbiased and honest reviews of cannabis and ancillary products.

Founder and owner of PNW Adventures LLC (dba #AStonerinPNWonderland Magazine). A new magazine that focuses on the outdoors from the cannabis enthusiast’s perspective. Primary focus on the outdoors and being fit and healthy with just a small lean towards cannabis. Provides an advertising channel for cannabis businesses to reach audiences outside the cannabis space.


DR. KEATON miller

Lead Researcher

Dr. Keaton Miller is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Oregon. He studies patterns of competition between firms, consumer behavior, and the growth and evolution of new markets. His work has been featured by the Review of Industrial Organization, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and Vox EU, among others.

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