Strategic Partners


The Eris Group LLC

(dba GreenSea Distribution)

The Largest OLCC licensed wholesale cannabis distribution company in Oregon.


Emerald Trade Alliance LLC


One of the longest ongoing, largest and all inclusive networking, cannabis & hemp business advocacy and business training groups in the Pacific Northwest.. The ETA functions as a hybrid between a cannabis & hemp business thinkcubator and the Rotary club.


PNW CannaReviews


One of the most highly regarded industry renowned review site for cannabis durables, consumables and services

Price Index Associates LLC

Repository of consumer pricing data in the legal cannabis industry. We collect data and build indices on over 17,000 products daily. These indexes are commonly used to extrapolate market share between products, strains, locations and a variety of other metrics.


Gvids TV LLC


An on-line, social media/multimedia entertainment website with an urban cannabis hip style.


ProHip LLC


Event management and marketing organization. ProHip is focused on cannabis events and online marketing.



(BRDmultimedia - YouTube)

A popular YouTube channel that focuses on hip-hop, film, entertainment, cannabis, and trending topics.

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